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What is the soutaches jewellery?

Let’s make a little history. “Soutache” is a term used for the first time in the nineteenth century that comes from the Seventeenth Hungarian word “sutàš”. It means “ornamental braid.” The Sujtás, in fact, was born as trimmings made of thin strips of silk or viscose used in various colours, woven in a herringbone pattern, flat or round. Sewn to each other around pearls and stones of all shapes and sizes, it creates rich jewels and elaborate real works of art, embroidered entirely by hand.

This technique is quite old and probably brings us back to the east of Europe, more precisely to Russia and Poland. Then it became a craft tradition that, over time, has produced beautiful jewellery, very rich and elaborate in detail. It takes its beginnings from traditional fastenings on the military tunics and decorations of the Tsars clothes.

In effect, used initially for decoration of clothes, upholstery and curtains it became, not long after, the hierarchical degrees on military uniforms sewing technique of Eastern armies.

In our times, the technique of soutaches jewellery has been revived by some Polish and Russian artists, which have re-interpreted the method by applying it to the creation of beautiful fashion jewellery.

Diala Creazioni soutaches jewellery is a way of performing this art with a contemporary Italian style.

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